Using WinMerge with Git in Windows

Recently I’ve started using Git as my main source control system after several months of very vocally complaining about it.  I liked the idea of Git and distributed source control in theory but my limited practical experiences had been full of difficulties.  I figured this was simply due to me not really knowing how to work with it; turned out I was right.  After learning the basics I started to really enjoy using Git, so I decided to move a couple of my projects from SVN to Git and have never looked back since!  Now all my code is in Git.

My one major gripe with using Git was the lack of an integrated visual diff tool; I just couldn’t make sense of the git bash diff output.  A little bit of Googling found some StackOverflow questions that roughly pointed me in the right direction but didn’t quite get things working for me.  In the end I toyed around with the settings in my .gitconfig file and came up with the following configuration which works for me:

    name = Jason Mitchell
    email = <email address>
    autocrlf = true
    editor = notepad.exe
    tool = winmerge
[difftool "winmerge"]
    cmd = winmergeu.exe -e -ub -x -wl -u -maximise -dl "base" -dr "mine" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
    prompt = false
    default = simple

Now I could happily use the Git difftool command and would get my diffs presented for me in the WinMerge GUI.  Note: the above config requires WinMerge to be added to your PATH environment variable.