Goodbye Wordpress, hello Jekyll!

Ever since I started blogging back in 2009 I’ve always run it on Wordpress. I always found Wordpress to be okay but was never fully satisifed with it. It felt a bit like overkill for what I needed and the writing experience was forever frustrating me. Recently I decided to look into alternatives that would be much lighter weight and simpler to manage than Wordpress; I settled on Jekyll.

Jekyll is a static website generator that converts your content from Markdown and Liquid templates into HTML files. As an added bonus GitHub Pages can compile Jekyll sites from a GitHub repository (see mine) when changes are pushed into the repository allowing me to ditch my Wordpress server (which I never backed up) in the future when I am completely finished with it.

The process of migrating from Wordpress was reasonably painless. I used a tool called Exitwp to convert an XML export of my Wordpress content into Markdown files. While this certainly helped with the migration process, I found that the generated Markdown wasn’t valid in a few cases and required me to go through and manually fix the content. However after I finished correcting my content I found that there is an official website listing a range of importers that may have produced better results

Overall I’m happy with the decision to move to Jekyll and I’m looking forward to blogging more often.